Shaka’s Assegai


Delicate, slim earrings inspired by the assagai, a traditional Zulu Wearrior’s primary weapon.

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Once in power, Shaka Zulu, perhaps one of the greatest military generals of all time began reorganizing his forces.

With the assegai he had seen that the traditional type of spear, a long-handled assegai thrown from a distance, was no good for the regulated fighting in close formation he had in mind. A group of warriors who held on to their assegais instead of hurling them, and who moved right up to the enemy behind the shelter of a barrier of shields would have its opponents at its mercy and would be able to accomplish complete victory.

Having proved the advantages of the new tactics, Shaka armed his warriors with short-handled stabbing spears and trained them to move up to their opponents in close formation with their body-length cowhide shields forming an almost impenetrable barrier to anything thrown at them.

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