Moroccan Ball Necklace


Moroccan Ball Necklace

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Moroccan craftsmen have been more creative in decorating mosques in comparison to houses and even palaces. The mosque’s elements of decoration vary greatly and so are its methods. As for the elements, there is zellij, wood, plaster, brass, stone, marble, wrought iron, and green bricks. These elements can be presented through various methods such as geometry, floral, calligraphy and muqarbas. The following paragraphs describe the mosque’s interior and exterior elements of decoration as well as their placement.

To begin with, the exterior decorations are mainly placed on the arches of the main doors. These arches are mostly decorated with plaster or carved stone using geometric or floral patterns. Nicely decorated wood sharafat covered by green bricks are installed above the arches to protect them from rain. The exterior doors are usually made of cedar wood; they are decorated with iron nails and can be covered by brass on which various geometric or floral motifs are carved. The square-shaped minaret is decorated with stone or zellij and sometimes both. A special pattern called derj wa ktef is used to decorate the four sides of the minaret in addition to various creative patterns of small arches. The bigger part of the minaret ends with a serrated sharafa that embellish the base of the smaller part. The smaller part, which looks like the head of the minaret, is decorated with green bricks and three brass balls that range in size and on top of which there is a crescent; next to the crescent there is a piece of wood on which a white flag is raised on Fridays. As for the exterior parts of the ceilings and domes, they are dressed in green bricks which are placed in harmonious rows

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