Cross Hatched Earring


Cross Hatched Earring in Antique Bronze

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Take a drive anywhere in Africa and look for patterns; note the decorated houses, see how the road stall is set out in product groupings defined by colour or shape. Look at the woman across the street… see the woven, patterned basket she carries on her head, observe the colourful, printed or dyed fabrics used to clothe her.

In nature, and all around us in Africa, there are patterns that can be visualised or conceptualised. On the land, observations of botanical items like leaves, trees, thorns, pods and seeds reveal elegant shapes, lines and patterning. Deeply thrown afternoon shadows from trees and rocks lend themselves to beautiful intricacies of pattern. So, too, do the camouflage markings on animals, birds and insects.

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Dimensions 5 × 5 × 1 cm
Primary Medium

Antique Bronze


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