Self Love

Negritude jewelry came into conception in 2012 with the desire to celebrate pattern designs borne from the African continent which had existed through time. The aim was not to create new Afrocentric designs that echoed Africa’s mainstream style pattern; but to exhume what had already stood and celebrate the showcasing of it. The objective was for people to wear story and continental cultural heritage. This was achieved through re-archiving amulets and symbols some known worldly through adornment. Ancient pieces such as the Egyptian ankh, Ethiopian cross, Tree of life, mother earth etc.

Because the era when Africa was at its peak was coined as “The Golden era” the jewelry would have to replicate a “lost treasure” rustic look to it. Keeping in theme an antiqued brass finish became the medium of choice in expressing this. This was achieved in using the brass colour choice using beads from North, West, East, and South Africa.

The Name of the brand was derived from a historical movement in 1930s Paris called La Negritude whose ideological bias was that Africa could have a romantic representation considering its contribution of cultural creativity and spirituality to the world; hence music, art, crafts, adornment. La Negritude celebrated a positive charge of an Africa that perceived itself with love.

Negritude jewellery conveys the meeting point of the varying African aesthetic. The deep symbolism and mythology in its history. The creations are thus a posture of African philosophy under re-visitation vehicled through how story and image are captured and relayed to the reader. The designs serve to allow African presence to re-archive itself as a fused expression.

With the goal to express Africa’s regal past. It can always be understood as a dedication to the sophisticated history of Africa as a people and be a part of the renaissance in Africa’s rebirth.

Products are mixed medium of Antique brass, Resin, Pewter, Ethiopian and Touareg silver and leather in Necklaces, Bracelets, Earrings and Anklets.

Guess Who’s Coming for Dinner

A series of Honorary Dinners celebrating African Legends and Lifework Contributors Pan Africanist dinners that pay tribute to living African greats from Southern Africa and throughout the African diaspora. Guests are awarded a rare opportunity to interact with legendary African influencers in a unique and intimate setting. Diners get an insight into the lives of Africa’s most talented and gifted individuals that have made an imprint within our continent. The concept is based on the crossover of cultures on the continent and endorses the Africa without borders ideology. The dinners are aimed to preserve our culture and heritage through a sensual experience where we taste Africa, listen to African music,see African art, talk about Africa , touch African wear and feel we truly are in the African setting.